Baby Three!

 Hey there!  It’s been a long, long time since I posted anything personal on here (I know, I’m slacking).  Life has been pretty interesting around here with twin toddlers and life in general, and as if we weren’t already in completely over our heads we decided to add one final member to the family this […]

Marra, Coco, & Louis

Though Hurricane Matthew did it’s best to keep us from this session, I was finally able to meet up with Marra, Coco, and Louis this past weekend to capture a few shots of them in all of their sibling and cousin cuteness. We made our best attempt to play at the beach, but the wind […]

The Siket Family

I had such a wonderful time capturing the Siket Family this past week. The love between the four of them is palpable, and their energy contagious. There is something so sweet in witnessing a mother and father’s love for their children, and this session left me inspired to live every moment with my kids to […]

The Young Family

As the summer sessions start to wind down I am so excited to be able to catch up with some of our local family and friends to capture their memories. The Young Family has been like a family to my husband for longer than he can recall, and Donna and George welcomed me in with loving […]

The DeMarr Family

It is so neat to be able to capture families growing and changing over the years. From Brody’s infectious, tiny smile to Ashley and Derek’s wedding, to Caleb turning this family into a family of four, it has been an absolute joy.  As always I had a lot of favorites from our evening on the beach, […]

The Donovan Family

Liuba and Richard, along with their beautiful family, celebrated 50 years of marriage this past week and I was honored to snap a few shots of them all together in commemoration. We were graced with an absolutely stunning sunset and took full advantage with a stop at the light house before heading to the ocean. […]

The Fox Family

This family is one of my absolute favorite families that I have ever met.  They are all just so…fun!  I first met the Fox Family a few years ago and was so excited to have the opportunity to catch up this past week.  The kids were adorable then, and they’ve all grown into the sweetest, most […]

Amanda & Stephen | Assateague Engagement

I am so glad that the weather finally cooperated and I was able to capture a few shots of Amanda and Stephen during their stay in Chincoteague.  These two make such a sweet couple, full of love and respect for each other.  Just in the short time we spent together it was clear that they are […]

One Year Later

I loved catching up with this family again this summer! I first met them last year, and since then they’ve gained a new, adorable member. There is so much energy and laughter in this group, and it always shines through in their images. Here are just a few favorites:    

Welcome, Baby Eva!

I last photographed this family a year ago, and my what a difference one year can make! Little baby Eva came into the world about a month ago and is nothing short of perfection. She is a calm, patient, well loved little soul. Her big sister Ellen was such a joy to photograph last year, and […]

The Bencik Family

Gloomy skies and ominous thunderstorms surrounding the island actually made for an absolutely stunning backdrop for the Bencik Family’s session this past week.  As foreboding as the weather seemed they were in great spirits and had full trust that their session would turn out beautifully, and I’m so glad they did!  This trip was a […]

Darol & Tony | Island Resort, Chincoteague Wedding

There is something so heartwarming about witnessing a wedding like Darol and Tony’s, a wedding where family and friends travel from across the country to share in a sweet, simple ceremony, and where that love between husband, wife, and those around them is so strong.  I had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful ceremony this […]

Brooks and Reagan are One!

 My little men turned one this past week!  Crazy, I know.  I’ll spare you the whole “where has the time gone” deal and say this: no matter how fast or how slow time has seemed to move these past twelve months, I have loved every single minute.  The laughter, tears, and straight up weirdness has […]

Merry Christmas!

This past year has been, without a doubt, the craziest, most blissful year of my life.  My business flourished, I became a first time homeowner in the house of our dreams, and more importantly I became a mama (and twice over to boot!).  I don’t think I could have ever imagined anything better :).  I […]

Maggie is One!

Here’s another little lady that I can’t believe is already one!  I met Maggie just a week before I met Layla last year, and she was the tiniest, sweetest bundle of joy. And she is still the tiniest (though much less so!), sweetest bundle of joy-and energy-today!  Her affable personality and eagerness to get up […]

Layla is One!

 I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I first met this sweet little lady!  Layla came by this past weekend for a few shots to commemorate her first birthday and to let me fawn over her adorable rolls and big blue eyes.  Being in a new place with a  big camera in your face […]

The Speidel Family

How sweet is this little face?! I loved spending time with this little man and his big brother and sister this past week.  Jordan, Logan, and Peyton are truly some of the sweetest, most creative kids.  So full of energy and so sweet to each other.  While these pictures are mainly for Jordan, I couldn’t […]

Brooks & Reagan | 7 Months

Am I the worst mother for taking 7 months to put up a collection of images of my boys? I mean, there are two of them, so I get a little slack right :) Anyway, it has been a crazy, hectic, awesome, wonderful past 7 months with these little dudes. They were looking extra cool […]