Baby Three!


Hey there!  It’s been a long, long time since I posted anything personal on here (I know, I’m slacking).  Life has been pretty interesting around here with twin toddlers and life in general, and as if we weren’t already in completely over our heads we decided to add one final member to the family this summer!  The boys are pretty nonplussed about the whole situation; I guess to twins having a new sibling is nothing new.  But we are pretty ecstatic

Having only knowledge of twin pregnancy has made this time around seem like the first.  Which in most manners is pretty cool and totally weird.  With the boys I had just about every pregnancy symptom imaginable due to the huge surge of hormones, and by 26 weeks I looked and felt like I was full term.  This time around I feel absolutely tiny in comparison to pictures from the boys (I know it’s just one but I had prepped myself for the whole “everything stretches easier the second time” idea, and fully expected to start showing much earlier than close to 20 weeks).  And with the exception of some pretty stubborn morning sickness I feel good, at least as good as anyone who is rapidly putting on weight while chasing two mini tornadoes around all day can feel.

Anyway, enough small talk and down to the real point of this post.  With Baby 3 due in July I’ve had to make some big adjustments to my summer scheduling as far as weddings and lifestyle sessions are concerned.  I will be on official maternity leave from early July through mid September, and have limited the amount of sessions I’ll be accepting in June to ensure that I can keep up with my workload before then.  For anyone who has already booked, no worries you’re set.  I have also left a small amount of sessions open for recurring clients in that June-July window, so if we meet every year please check in!  If you’re a new client (thanks for checking my work out by the way!) I currently am only booking for a few dates in May, the first week of June, and anything post-September 22nd.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience and to those of you who I either won’t have the pleasure of meeting this year or the opportunity to catch up with I hope to cross paths again!

Thanks so much for all of the love and support we’ve received, not just through this pregnancy but since the boys as well!  All of my love to you all! -Allie

(oh, and because I bored you to death with all of those words here are a few pictures of my awkward self and my perpetually naked children. I swear they own clothes, though they will adamantly refuse to acknowledge that fact.  Also please excuse all of the grumpiness-I snatched them about 3 seconds after naps before they were awake enough to protest  )