This is for all of my clients who sit there with the camera in their face and are like “umm…awkward…” Trust me, I feel ya. As a severe introvert the idea of someone placing 100% attention on me for an hour, AND documenting the results makes me want to scream.  So this is my attempt to show you that while you may feel uncomfortable, it turns out I’m just as awkward as you are! My husband caught a couple of shots of me “doing what I do” at a wedding a few weeks ago, and after laughing at how hysterical I look I thought I’d share my awkwardness with the world.



I don’t know how you guys can sit there and take me seriously while I’m putting on these moves…




And if my strange twist and shout moves didn’t get them laughing, check out what was going on behind me (have to give mad props to the bridal party for not busting out in hysterics, and even more props to the family effort going into getting the little ones attention. Real dedication)



No joke, I was totally oblivious to all this activity right behind my back


The culprit himself…not as bad as my dance skills but I had to throw him under the bus a little too 🙂


Happy Friday!

Peace, love, and bliss-A