I had a little free time today and thought I’d play around with some lenses and different processes by setting the timer for some self portraits.  My BFF Flynn had other ideas…


Flynn has a little bit of a best friends complex. And by that, I mean he believes that Mike, himself, and I are completely inseparable.  If Mike and I do anything without him, it’s as if we’ve turned into the mean girls who are shutting him out because he’s not cool enough. No joke, his feelings get seriously hurt.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Below is my photographic proof that Flynn truly believes that he is NOT to be left out of anything:


A little behind the back sneak attack


Oh yeah, that’s the sweet spot



“Seriously, can I get ONE picture”


“Ok, no? I give up”



Sometimes he likes to eat my hands. And my glasses…and my bras…and….well you get it


Success…sort of.  A compromise maybe? 

That’s all for this weeks installment of  “My dog has the emotions of a 13 year old girl” (sounds like a Dr. Phil episode, right?). Happy Thursday!