First and foremost, Happy belated Easter!  We spent the weekend at my parents house and had an amazing time; to be completely honest a nice enough time to where I didn’t have the urge to rush through it to put up my Easter well-wishes. So I apologize for being late. But sometimes it’s better to just 100% enjoy the day and be a little late 🙂

If your weather was anything like ours then you were stuck inside the majority of the day.  I’ve probably mentioned it on here before, but we’ve got quite the large (and growing) clan so we all cozied up indoors for some good food, stories, and laughter.  I was enjoying the day so much that I actually only pulled my camera out about 6 times.  The pictures I ended up with are more about the feel of Easter than the actual going ons.  Here’s a few springy images from our family Easter.

This hyacinth has the most natural, floral smell I think I’ve ever smelled-short of out of a Bath & Body Works tube.
No Easter is complete without Daffodils.
This Forsythia has been passed down for three generations and almost no one in our family can say they have never had a picture taken in front of it.  Easter was a little early this year so she wasn’t quite as bloomed out as usual, but I think this stage of the Forsythia’s life is actually the most beautiful.
Although it was gloomy, there was still something so beautiful about the budding spring colors.  Such a soft, natural palette this time of year.
Happy Easter from all of us here! Hope you had a beautiful day full of family and friends.
Lots of love-