Krista & Cody


Within minutes of arriving to Cody and Krista’s venue this past weekend I already knew this wedding would be a favorite. I’ve known Cody for a while now (he’s a long time friend of my husbands) and he could not have picked a more beautiful, evenly matched partner in Krista. Beyond being a complete stunner, she has a calmness and sense of humor that temper perfectly with Cody, making them such a joy to be around. And their wedding was nothing short of phenomenal.

Being local to the island, Krista and Cody looked within the Chincoteague community to pull together an absolutely stunning celebration. With the help of the groom’s mother and some wonderful friends and family no detail was overlooked, and no details lacked in Eastern Shore charm. From the pristine private residence where the reception and ceremony took place, to the locally made wine and beer, and even flowers cut from the groom’s mother’s garden, every minute detail screamed Krista and Cody. While most people know Chincoteague for the ocean and beaches, they showcased the lesser known beauty of their home; the soft marshes, pines, and still waters that reflect the true day to day beauty of this little town.

Their day was nothing short of incredible. Emotionally, there were more tears of joy than I could even capture, and more laughter than you can imagine. Visually, the enchanting decor and setting and Krista’s timeless style make for a photographer’s dream. And with that I’ll quit raving and let you see for yourselves.