Meghan & Charlie

Meghan and Charlie’s relationship reads somewhat like one of those epic love stories (albeit with a bit more humor and a lot less “sappy”). They first dated when they were both too young to completely comprehend the magnitude of their connection; for lack of a better phrase, there was some growing up to do. After years of figuring themselves out (with a little bit of scorned love thrown in) they reconnected through good old Facebook. Charlie can tell this story so much better, but if you’ve met Meghan then his recounting of how their rekindling started with a drive-by shades-down side-eyeing not only paints a hilarious image but a totally believable one at that. Fast forward a few more years and here we are, exploring dismantled trains in Cape Charles and reliving those skateboarding early years. These two are so well matched, and I am already crazy excited to capture their “decades in the making” wedding next summer!

Credit to Rachel at Salon R and Leila of Leila Marie Artistry for glamming up (the already naturally gorgeous) Meghan