Mike and I celebrated our 1st anniversary this past weekend (how crazy is that??) We’ve got a lot of cool trips planned for this summer, and recently spent some time in Costa Rica, so we decided to just lay low and keep it simple.

We started out our weekend with an afternoon at Bordeleau Vineyards in Eden, Maryland for wine, sun, and relaxation.  I’ve got to give the husband some props, normally the idea of spending more than 5 minutes at a vineyard would be “lame”, but he let me live out my dreams of being a wine connoisseur all day without making fun of me once.


Sunday, our actual anniversary, we headed over to Mike’s aunt’s house for a pre-memorial day cookout and some pool time.

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of a “dog” family. 
Flynn having an intense one-on-one with his grandma
This picture cracks me up. I swear they are bffs. 
Little Miss Daric
My husband showing off his awesome skills
I call this “the Guardian of the Trampoline”
My mother-in-law, the dog whisperer 🙂
I think Mike was having a little trouble hanging with Alana
After the cookout we dragged our exhausted butts back to have a little bit of a real anniversary celebration.  We decided to forgo the traditional “top tier of the cake” deal and picked up a bottle of wine from Rome during our honeymoon to save instead.  How it lasted that long without being drank, God only knows.  But man was it worth it…I also did my best attempt at replicating (taste wise, at least) the awesome cake from our wedding by Bradie Henning at Piece of Cake Pastries.  At least it looked pretty 🙂
We wrapped up the three day weekend with a trip to the sandbar and some pool time, though I was much more interested in taking a nap and reading a book than taking pictures so I’ve got nothing to show for the day.  
I’ll be heading out this evening to photograph an awesome couple who will be getting married in Chincoteague this summer.  I feel like it will be the perfect way to wrap up my own anniversary weekend, don’t you?  Check back later this week for a peak at this evenings work.