Tamara & Matt

These two.  After more than a decade together a lot of couples kind of fall into place, a kind of comfortableness that replaces romance.  But that is not even the slightest bit true of Tamara and Matt.  Their pure love just overflowed from these two in the form of tears from the moment they saw each other.  It was like seeing them when they fell in love as (barely) teenagers. Also, the dynamic between the two is just…fun. Like, they just genuinely get each other’s sense of humor and energy.  I have to say that I have never, EVER been so impressed with a couples dance skills as I was with Tamara and Matt.  Seriously, I could have just sat and watched them dance together all night (we’re talking a mix between Magic Mike and Patrick Swayze, all perfectly executed).  Tamara and Matt, you two are awesome together and I’m so stoked to share a little glimpse into your day.