I took a little hiatus for the past two weeks for Mike and I’s wedding and honeymoon (more on that later on).  By hiatus, I mean a break from photography, a break from cleaning, cooking, yard work, answering calls…well you get it…basically I just used the wedding as an excuse to not be a very productive person.   With all of my laziness when it comes to real life tasks lately, I was dreading coming back home to the real world.  The mail, laundry, dishes, emails, and everything else I’d shunned was waiting for me just as I feared. But something else had changed while I was away too.  When we pulled up in our driveway Sunday I actually gasped out loud.  What a difference two weeks can make! My garden had gone from a jungle of green, stumpy plants to something like a botanical garden (maybe I’m being big headed here, but when you compare it to how it was before I’d say that’s accurate enough 🙂  ).  I like to think that this is a sign, that when Mike and I’s life started together this new life took place in our home as well, and that it’s a beautiful, bountiful life with so much potential.  See what I mean?


These lacy caps never let me down, they always survive no matter how hard I try to kill them

These are left from the beautiful bridal shower my mother-in-law threw me in March

The dollar store bulbs are pulling their weight too!

My mom saved this little guy from the “distressed” plants section, and it has a real will to survive


10 points to whoever can tell me what this 8 foot tall plant with these gorgeous flowers is.  Last year it was barely a foot high and now it’s ridiculous and beautiful!



This is the newest hydrangea addition, the snowball.  I think it was originally a niko blue but with our soil content shifted into this pretty purple.

I have a tomato! (almost!)

Check out the loot.  Any ideas on a delicious meal containing a carrot, a sweet pepper and one spring onion?  I think at this point  Mike’s like “great…this is what I married? I’m going to starve”

I love being able to walk outside and cut fresh flowers.  Our house looks like a greenhouse right now thanks to this growth spurt and all the beautiful vases we got for the wedding (this one is a favorite, thanks Courtney!)

More growth to come soon! Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully this is a sign of good things to come 🙂