Stephanie, Chris, & Henry


Two things I love about this session:

1) These freakin awesome people
2) This crazy fog

I feel like I had been unknowingly waiting on the “we’re pregnant” text from Stephanie and Chris practically since I photographed their wedding, and was genuinely so thrilled to hear the time had come! We met up at Stephanie’s family’s farm (the same place they were married) to capture some sunrise pictures with little baby to be Henry  Instead of a gorgeous sunrise, however, we were met with this crazy, moody, equally as gorgeous fog. I was actually pretty stoked about it and driving to the session I was actually afraid that it would burn off before our shoot, but it stuck around and I’m really feeling the vibe it gave to farm.
These two are going to be the best parents, no joke. I can’t wait to meet their little guy this summer and to welcome Stephanie to the “boy mom” club 🙂